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Founded in 1995

Ti Squared Technologies has continually grown into a full service titanium casting foundry serving partners worldwide. Ti Squared Technologies is currently located in our brand new state-of-the-art facility in Millersburg, Oregon.  

Leadership Team

Chris Martin

Vice President – Manufacturing & Operations

Chris Martin is currently the Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations at Ti Squared Castings. Chris has culminated eighteen years of manufacturing experience through a variety of engineering and management rolls within the metals industry. Primary markets served: Aerospace, Nuclear, and Medical.

Eric Law

Production Manager

Eric Law is currently the Production Manager at Ti Squared Castings. Eric has twenty years of professional experience in multiple engineering and leadership positions within the chemical and metals industries. Primary markets served: Aerospace, Nuclear, Medical and Industrial.

Coe Hanel

Sales Manager

Coe Hanel is currently the Sales Manager at Ti Squared Castings.  Coe has 26 years of production, engineering, quality, and sales experience in the titanium investment casting process.  Coe has overseen programs for customers such as UTAS/Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Spirit, Raytheon, Honeywell, and GE and has contributed to significant business growth within the aerospace industry.

Daniel Blankenship

Continuous Improvement Manager

Daniel Blankenship is currently the Continuous Improvement Manager at Ti Squared Castings.  Daniel has over 13 years of experience in process development and Lean manufacturing implementation in titanium investment casting. Daniel specializes in applying a Six Sigma approach to achieve process variability reduction, while eliminating manufacturing waste.  Primary markets served: Aerospace.  

Brent Talsma

Manufacturing Process Engineer

Brent Talsma is currently the Process Engineer at Ti Squared Castings. Brent has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and over twenty years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the titanium casting industry. Brent has aided in the successful production of titanium castings for a majority of the aerospace primes. Primary markets served: Aerospace, Industrial and Commercial.

Erin Bodily

Quality Systems Manager

Erin Bodily is currently the Quality Manager at Ti Squared Castings. Erin has fifteen years of experience specializing in manufacturing operations, with over seven years in the metals industry. Primary markets served: Aerospace.

Diana Richey

Customer Service Manager

Diana Richey is currently the Customer Service Manager at Ti Squared Castings. Diana has 30 years of Customer Service Management experience including engineering and design applications.

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Ti Squared Castings is a manufacturing destination dedicated to providing family-wage careers for members of our community. Our employees and their families earn a full range of benefits including paid vacation and medical insurance packages.

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