Emerging Worldwide Leader in Manufacturing Titanium Castings

Our team of industry leading engineers provide continuous assistance and flexibility throughout the titanium casting life-cycle. We pride ourselves in providing complete access to production experts, resulting in a seamless communications process with consistent lead times half the titanium casting industry standard.




Ti Squared Castings delivers precision titanium castings for aerospace companies worldwide. Our titanium casting foundry is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified, and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistent quality and lead times.



Ti Squared Castings manufactures an extensive portfolio of industrial applications with titanium and super alloys that offer the high strength and corrosion resistant material characteristics necessary for the most challenging environments worldwide.



Ti Squared Castings is a registered ITAR and FFL Manufacturer offering best-in-class titanium defense components that boast impressive strength, weight and corrosion resistance in extreme work environments and severe duty applications.



Ti Squared Castings is an emerging industry leader in providing high quality titanium castings for global medical suppliers. Titanium’s ability to withstand the harsh bodily environment makes it a prime candidate for use in the medical industry.


Process Overview

Our team of experts can utilize current product prints or work in tandem with our trusted partners to create a product print for full production casting or rapid prototype.

Upon receipt of the print, our team creates a master pattern mold out of steel. Wax is then injected into the steel mold to create a wax pattern. Alternatively, our team can create a wax pattern through cutting edge 3D printing technologies. Our team works in tandem with our customers in order to select the most cost effective approach for their castings.

The wax patterns created are then assembled into a wax tree to be cast in a one batch pour. Once the wax tree has been assembled, we apply the investment materials. Ti Squared Castings utilizes the world’s most advanced robotic investing line equipment in order to consistently apply investing materials for high quality castings.

The wax mold, with the newly applied hardened ceramic shell, is then inserted into the autoclave, where the wax is melted out of the ceramic shell. Once the wax has been removed, our team puts the empty ceramic mold into our burnout kiln in order to rapidly heat the mold. This rapid heat removes any moisture or residual wax within the mold, resulting in a solid mass mold for casting.

The ceramic mold is then inserted into one of our multiple vacuum furnaces. Our titanium casting foundry utilizes the best German manufactured vacuum furnaces the world has to offer in order to ensure the highest product quality. Titanium is then poured into the mold in order to create the titanium casting.

Once the mold has cooled, the ceramic shell is removed from the titanium casting. The titanium casting is then subject to machining, Hot Isostatic Pressing, welding, sanding, or polishing per the specifications of the specific part. The post casting processes provide our customers with a fully finished and functional product for use in their designated commercial and consumer applications.